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Sunday 28 April 2013

Carr William Guy - The Conspiracy

Author : Carr William Guy Title : The Conspiracy To destroy all existing Goverments and religions Year : 1955 Link download : Carr_William_Guy_-_The_Conspiracy.zip In 1796 John Robison, Professor of Human Philosophy, and Secretary of the Royal Society, Edinburgh, Scotland, published documents which  […]

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Sunday 4 March 2012

Carr William Guy - Satan, Prince Of This World

Author : Carr William Guy Title : Satan, Prince Of This World Year : 1959 Link download : Carr_William_Guy_-_Satan_Prince_Of_This_World.zip PREFACE When the author of this book, Commander W.J.G. Carr died on October 2, 1959, he left this book in manuscript form along with many scribbled notes,  […]

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Carr William Guy - Pawns in the Game

Author : Carr William Guy Title : Pawns in the Game Year : 1958 Link download : Carr_William_Guy_-_Pawns_in_the_Game.zip About the Author. At the early age of twelve the author was thoroughly indoctrinated into the Bolshevik ideology by two revolutionary missionaries who travelled on the same ship  […]

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