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Monday 12 August 2013

Glenn Mark - Six simple words

Author : Glenn Mark Title : Six simple words Year : 2006 Link download : Glenn_Mark_-_Six_simple_words.zip They seem so harmless, so non-menacing, and yet they are the root of so much of the present evil that mankind is facing today. Just six simple words that carry the weight of the world upon  […]

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Glenn Mark - Judaism is nobody's friend

Author : Glenn Mark Title : Judaism is nobody's friend Year : 2006 Link download : Glenn_Mark_-_Judaism_is_nobody_s_friend.zip Let’s face it - the only reason we are allowed (not to mention willing) to talk about it these days is because it begins with the letter ‘z’ and not the letter ‘j’. That is  […]

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Friday 24 August 2012

Glenn Mark - No Beauty in the Beast

Author : Glenn Mark Title : No Beauty in the Beast Year : 2005 Link download : Glenn_Mark_-_No_Beauty_in_the_Beast.zip When a person opens his or her eyes and comes to grasp evil in its true essence, it can be a paralyzing and debilitating circumstance. In this situation it is very easy to lose all  […]

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