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Thursday 5 January 2017

Keith Jim - Saucers of the Illuminati

Author : Keith Jim Title : Saucers of the Illuminati Year : 1999 Link download : Keith_Jim_-_Saucers_of_the_Illuminati.zip Foreword by Kenn Thomas. I remember Jim Keith writing this book. At the time, he was also working on an article for the coming issue of Steamshovel Press. Jim contributed  […]

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Sunday 28 July 2013

Keith Jim - Mind control World control

Author : Keith Jim Title : Mind control World control A virtual encyclopedia of mind control Year : 1997 Link download : Keith_Jim_-_Mind_control_World_control.zip Since the beginning of recorded history men have lusted for control of their fellows - the impulse seemingly part of the makeup of the  […]

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