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Tuesday 13 August 2013

Long Huey Pierce - Share our wealth

Author : Long Huey Pierce Title : Share our wealth Every man a king Year : 1979 Link download : Long_Huey_Pierce_-_Share_our_wealth.zip HUEY P. LONG : AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY. Huey Long was born August 30, 1893, and died from an assassin's bullet on September 10, 1935. His super-rich enemies called  […]

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Thursday 16 May 2013

Long Huey Pierce - My first days in the White House

Author : Long Huey Pierce Title : My first days in the White House Year : 1935 Link download : Long_Huey_Pierce_-_My_first_days_in_the_White_House.zip Foreword. This volume is presented as a prophecy by its Author; the late Huey Pierce Long, wherein he endeavored to portray what he would have done  […]

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