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Tuesday 1 March 2016

MacDonogh Giles - 1938 Hitler's gamble

Author : MacDonogh Giles Title : 1938 Hitler's gamble Year : 2009 Link download : MacDonogh_Giles_-_1938_Hitler_s_gamble.zip Introduction. The year 1938 was one of cataclysmal change for Germany. On January 1, the Reich was administered by a right-wing coalition led by the chancellor, Adolf Hitler,  […]

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Sunday 8 January 2012

MacDonogh Giles - After The Reich

Author : MacDonogh Giles Title : After The Reich The Brutal History Of The Allied Occupation Year : 2007 Link download : MacDonogh_Giles_-_After_The_Reich_The_Brutal_History_Of_The_Allied_Occupation.zip PRAISE FOR AFTER THE REICH. “In After the Reich, Giles MacDonogh, a British author of several  […]

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