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Monday 15 April 2013

Roth Samuel - Now and Forever

Author : Roth Samuel Title : Now and Forever A conversation with Mr. Israel Zangwill on The Jew and the Future Year : 1925 Link download : Roth_Samuel_-_Now_and_Forever.zip IT IS fortunate that it is the habit of prefaces to appear in the front of books and not as rear lights, or the reader of this  […]

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Thursday 9 August 2012

Roth Samuel - Jews Must Live

Author : Roth Samuel Title : Jews Must Live Year : 1934 Link download : Roth_Samuel_-_Jews_Must_Live.zip We can only speculate as to why these chapters were taken out. The first two may have been "offensive" to "traditional" Christian types (to include the text missing from ch.  […]

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