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Wednesday 29 March 2017

Vallée Jacques - UFOs The psychic solution

Author : Vallée Jacques Title : UFOs The psychic solution UFO influences on the human race Year : 1975 Link download : Vallee_Jacques_-_UFOs_The_psychic_solution.zip Introduction. In the last twenty-five years, thousands of people have reported the persistent appearances of UFO phenomena. A careful  […]

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Tuesday 17 January 2017

Vallée Jacques - Passport to Magonia

Author : Vallée Jacques Title : Passport to Magonia On UFOs, folklore, and parallel worlds Year : 1969 Link download : Vallee_Jacques_-_Passport_to_Magonia.zip Chapter one. Visions of a parallel World. So Man, who here seems principal alone, Perhaps acts second to some sphere unknown. Touches some  […]

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Vallée Jacques - Dimensions

Author : Vallée Jacques Title : Dimensions A casebook of alien contact Year : 1988 Link download : Vallee_Jacques_-_Dimensions.zip Foreword by Whitley Strieber. There are two things about the UFO controversy that make it uniquely interesting. The first is that it is probably the deepest mystery  […]

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Vallée Jacques - Anatomy of a phenomenon

Author : Vallée Jacques Title : Anatomy of a phenomenon The detailed and unbiased report of UFOs Year : 1965 Link download : Vallee_Jacques_-_Anatomy_of_a_phenomenon.zip About the author : Jacques Vallee, born and educated in France, holds degrees in mathematics and astronomy. He is a consultant on  […]

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Saturday 9 February 2013

Vallée Jacques - Messengers of deception UFO contacts and cults

Author : Vallée Jacques Title : Messengers of deception UFO contacts and cults Year : 1979 Link download : Vallee_Jacques_-_Messengers_of_deception_UFO_contacts_and_cults.zip FOREWORD TO THE 2008 EDITION. EARLY THIRTY YEARS have elapsed since Messengers of Deception first appeared in the U.S. Since  […]

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Monday 24 September 2012

Vallée Jacques - Forbidden Science

Author : Vallée Jacques Title : Forbidden Science Year : 1992 Link download : Vallee_Jacques_-_Forbidden_Science.zip lt is unusual for scientists to keep diaries and even more unusual for them to make them public. While we know much about the intimate lives and personal motivations of musicians,  […]

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