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Wednesday 21 August 2013

Weisman Charles A. - The Sabbath and the Lord's day

Author : Weisman Charles A. Title : The Sabbath and the Lord's day Year : 1994 Link download : Weisman_Charles_A_-_The_Sabbath_and_the_Lord_s_day.zip Introduction. Why is there a Sabbath issue? The Sabbath is something which most actually want to have and to follow. Nearly all can readily see the  […]

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Sunday 17 March 2013

Weisman Charles A. - Who is Esau-Edom ?

Author : Weisman Charles A. Title : Who is Esau-Edom ? The Life, History, Genealogy, Prophecy, Predestination and Modern Identity of the Biblical Esau Year : 1991 Link download : Weisman_Charles_A_-_Who_is_Esau-Edom.zip The title of this book poses a quesllon which may well prove to be the most  […]

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