Siu R.G.H. - The Craft of Power

Author : Siu R.G.H.
Title : The Craft of Power The fusion of eastern mysticism and western pragmatism - A philosophical and strategic guide to the uses of power
Year : 1984

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This book is directed primarily to executives seeking to expand their personal power. It is not a discourse with managers about the art of leadership but an exposition for aspirants to power about the underlying craft. To be sure, there is much in common between the two groups. But persons of power are driven by ulterior motives completely different from those of conventional executives. The strategies and tactics of the former go far beyond the usual competencies of the latter. Immediate application for most of what is presented can be found by those who have built at least a moderate base of followers and legitimated authority. A word of caution should be offered, however, for those who have not yet crossed this threshold: "Diligently observe the arts of the masters, so that you will be effectively facile with them should the time come in your future career. Meanwhile, be patiently prudent as you rise in the formai and informai hierarchy through nonthreatening visibility and contributions to the powers-that-be. Do not try to fly higher than fi tl y fledged. There is nothing more fatal for a fledgling than being swooped upon by an angry hawk. Reminders will be inserted throughout this book in the form of adjustments suitable for your own particular station in the sting and tang of competition." Finally, to readers who have eschewed the path of power and find the contents unsettling, we would nonetheless recommend a clear view of the reality, which they seek to transcend. Empathy always cornes easier with understanding, and efforts toward the ideal become more practically productive. Here, then, are a power: posture and operational specifies that have worked from the days of Genesis and 1 Ching to The Prince and The New York Times. An armamentarium for great power. Straight. Unvarnished. To be diluted and painted by the reader as suits his or her own purposes. Washington, D. C. August 1978 R. G. H. SIU ...

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