Golden Harry - The Lynching of Leo Frank

Author : Golden Harry
Title : The Lynching of Leo Frank
Year : 1965

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Dedicated to the city of Atlanta, Georgia, which suffered the most of ali Southem cities in the 1860s. In the 1950s Atlanta led the South in the resolution of the desegregation crisis, and in the 1960s it led the nation in the reapportionment process. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I BEGAN TO gather material for this book twenty-five years ago when 1 first settled in the South, where the source material was available. But 1 bad been absorbed with the Leo Frank story much earlier-from my days on the Lower East Side of New York when 1 hawked newspapers and cried out Leo Frank's fate from the headlines. In a sense, therefore, 1 have lived with this story ali my adult life. By the time 1 began to write the book-March, 1964-1 bad mustered a small army of helpers, to ali of whom 1 owe my thanks. Staff members of the Georgia Department of Archives and History were most generons in their service and assistance and permitted Marre Dangar, a young Atlanta joumalism student, to examine ali the pa pers of the la te Govemor John M. Slaton. Miss Dangar also arrarlged for the photostating of each issue of Tom Watson's Jeffersonian in which Leo Frank is discussed. Roger Honkanen, reporter for the Atlanta Journal gave me ali his spare time going through back issues of the Atlanta Constitution and the Atlanta Journal. 1 am grateful to the Los Angeles Public Library Staff for giving permission to my researcher, Miss Margaret Hickman, to photostat ali the stories 1 required from the only complete file of Hearst's Atlanta Georgian. The American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, and the B'nai B'rith gave me copies of everything they had on the case; but most of ali, 1 am grateful to the American Jewish Archives, located on the Cincinnati campus of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish lnstitute of Religion, which pos· sesses a great wealth of material, ali of which was made available to me: the papers of Louis Marshall, Jacob Schiff, Albert D. Lasker, and correspondence between Leo Frank and his attorneys. Martha Huntley, my own research assistant, worked up the references from ali the fifty-three books 1 have used in preparing this volume. Dr. Joseph L. Morrison of the School of Joumalism at the University of North Carolina, who reads ali my manuscripts, once again offered important suggestions. I am indebted to Dr. Stanley F. Chyet of the American Jewish Archives at Cincinnati, and to three Atlanta men for their graciousness in giving me sorne of their valuable time: Leonard Haas, Henry A. Alexander, and John M. Slaton, Jr. Of great value to me was the work of C. Vann Woodward who wrote the definitive biography of Tom Watson; and the work of Charles and Louise Samuels who wrote the narrative of the Frank case. And lastly, I am indebted to my eldest son, Richard Goldhurst, himself a novelist, who worked generously, brilliantly, and mightily for one long, tiring year, editing and rearranging this work. Ail these research materials will be presented to the Golden Room of the Charlotte Public Library upon the publication of this book. ...

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