Butler Eric D. - Censored history

Author : Butler Eric D.
Title : Censored history
Year : 1974

Link download : Butler_Eric_D_-_Censored_history.zip

INTRODUCTION TO CANADIAN EDITION. lt is now nearly ten years since Censored History was first published, with a distinguished U .S. intelligence expert being generous enough to say that this was the best synthesis of real modern history he had seen. The main problem with written history is that it often reflects only the views of the writer. Th at which does not reflect the writer' s views is suppressed. Real history can only be assessed, not by referring merely to disconnected episodes, but by examining policies operating over a period of time. If those policies consistently force mankind in one direction, with increasingly disastrous results, it is certain that they reflect an underlying evil philosophy, and that tho se who hold that philosophy have the power and the organization to advance the poli ci es of their philosophy. This approach to history is often met with sneering references to the "conspiratorial theory of history, which, of course, no well-educated person can accept. But the only alternative to the view that individuals by their actions make his tory, is what can best be described as the village idiot theory with no one being responsible for anything. This means that events "just happen", that no one is responsible for what is happening. No sane persan would claim that the development of a Christian Civilization in Western Europe "just happened" by chance. That Civilization, now in an advanced state of disintegration, only grew because Christians combined in numerous ways to create a society reflecting Christian values. And just as there bas over the centuries been a programme to advance a certain type of Civilization, there bas in recent times been an emerging programme to destroy th at Civilization. There is increasing evidence of that programme as outlined in Censored History. Censored History concluded as follows: "One of the frrst major policies necessary for salvation (of civilization) is that the documented facts concerning the financing of Communism be circulated as widely as possible and Western Governments be forced to end what Antony Sutton bas correctly described as a po licy of National Suicide. Events over recent years have forced growing numbers of people to face realities they never previously suspected. The Polish crisis astonished millions by widely publicizing the fact that not only the Communist government of Poland, but ali Communist governments, were heavily in debt to the International Bankers. Even conventional anti- Communists, who had previously criticized those "extremists" warning about the close nexus between Big Finance and Revolution, were forced to concede that International Finance was financing the economie blood transfusions from the West which kept the Communist tyrannies alive. But rather than face the evidence of what was happening, it was suggested by sorne that the International Bankers were "greedy", or "shortsighted," ignoring the fact that the bankers have been doing this consistently for over sixty years. The long-term objective of sustaining the Communists bas emerged completely into the open with a massive campaign to stampede the desperate peoples of the world into World Government via the New International Economie Or der. The basic cause of the desperation is crushing debt and taxation, the result of the policies imposed by the same groups financing the Communists. Not surprisingly, both in the Soviet Union and Communist China, the Marxists bail the New International Economie Order, correctly claiming it is an extension of the type of programme put forward by the great Communist strategist Lenin. ...

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