Rudman Raymond - England under the heel of the jew

Author : Rudman Raymond
Title : England under the heel of the jew
Year : 19**

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TO MY ENGLISH AND AFRIKAANS SPEAKING BROTHERS South Africans! We both have heard about "Racialism", but we fail to Locate itwhere is it? The only Racialism that exists and should exist amongst us is the Alien Menance who, as this little book conveys to us, are the White Asiaticsthe Jews! I have had this little book reprinted, from the works of the Late Dr. Clarke, simply because (although it was written in 1921) it conveys to us Descendants of Boer and Briton, that even then this English Doctor endeavoured to prove to us that we were getting away from the true cause of our separation from each other, and that there were real Englishmen in England who understood our troubles. Furthermore, so very very few South Africans, both Afrikaans and English speaking know the facts which are recorded in our Cape Blue books pertaining to the Cause of the Jameson's Raid and the Boer War. Herein you will read about the Jew Phillips and others' plot, this same Jew (now Sir Phillips) who to-day resides in the former Residence of one of our old Dutch Governors' houses, was one of those who were directly concerned in this big question in South Africa. May Dutch and English descendants (as well as other European descendants) carefully read this booklet, ponder over it and realise how we have been purposely separated; where our forefathers got on well together. As our English Settlers and Voortrekkers fought each other in these Jew-made Wars, as we fought together in the last Great War (also for the Jew) let us now decide to fight together, to save what our forefathers fought for and meant us to possess. HAIL SOUTH AFRICA! Yours for the Cause, RAYMOND RUDMAN, Provincial Leader (Natal) South African National Party. EXTRACTS AND SUMMARIES FROM "A Thousand Million Pounds" BY W. E. BLELOCH and A. E. O'FLAHERTY. Judaeo Germany.Germany was then under the Heel of the Jew. Our authors begin by calling attention to the world danger hidden in the "organised use of commercial privilege" by the Judaeo-German Empire. They show that the "Political" and "commercial" agents of this power, if not identical, are yet always working in unison. India, Persia, Turkey, Egypt and North Africa have all been subject to its predatory attentions, and it was impossible for them to have overlooked South Africa. Jew Invasion of the Transvaal. Gold-Control breeds Wars and Revolutions. It is now many years since Judaeo-Germany marked out the Transvaal for its prey. The attraction of Gold for the Jew is irrestible. The means by which he secures it are a matter of very small account so long as he secures control. Gold has uncanny powers, as Sombert points out; and the exploiting methods of the Lords of Lucre are dark and devious. Having exploited and mastered all the secrets that lie hid in money, they are able to make it perform most wonderful and often contradictory things. "To him that hath shall be given" is truer of Gold than anything else. They call money 'liquid capital,' perhaps, because it is so hard to hold. It finds its own level; but its level is in the (Jew) Banks, and no sooner has it go there then it acquires new power as 'potential capital' . . . . In the late eighties of last century 3 per cent. was reckoned as a sound percentage for a nonprofessional investor in England. At the same time, the purchasing power of gold was not less than 50 per cent. more than it is to-day. To-day, however, when it purchases so little, it commands twice as much 'interest'! In other words, one has to pay twice (or three times) as much gold for the use of gold, whilst it is less by half than its previous value in purchasing goods. A great time for Shylock, the money lender, the man who controls the gold-power! . . . . It is this power which has justified the age-long and instinctive hatred of 'usury.' It is that brought the world to a season of strikes and revolutionary activities shortly before the war. "As we shall see in a later chapter, this gold-power, organised at the expense of the nation in every country except Germany"which is so completely Judaised that it is almost impossible to discover a dividing line--"had not only oppressed the workers and led them to revolutionary acts and thoughts, it had also invaded the process of exchange, preyed upon producer and consumer, and made the old skilled employer and useful distributor (middleman) the servants of impersonal agencies behind which lay the Gold-Power." ...

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