Crow William Bernard - The Occult Properties of Herbs and Plants

Author : Crow William Bernard
Title : The Occult Properties of Herbs and Plants Paths to inner power
Year : 1969

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THE NATURE OF HERBS. Herbs, Shrubs and Trees If we consider plants as they actually are, and not because of their use or medical propertIies, we can class them roughiy as herbs, shrubs and trees, with some intermediate stages, such as undershrubs. Herbs have no woody stems above ground. They die down in winter, and pass the cold season either as a persistent underground stem, which may be woody, or Ithe individual plant dies all together, and only seeds remarin to reproduce the plant. Sometimes the underground persistent part is a stem with non-green scale, leaves, with various shapes to which such names as rhizome, tuiber, corm, bulb are applied, and to which roots or rootlets are attached. ...

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