Dilling Elizabeth - The Roosevelt Red Record and Its Background

Author : Dilling Elizabeth
Title : The Roosevelt Red Record and Its Background
Year : 1936

Link download : Dilling_Elizabeth_-_The_Roosevelt_Red_Record_and_Its_Background.zip

WHAT IS YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARD ROOSEVELT? Admiring and Uninformed? Attitudes toward President Roosevelt falllargely into four classes: 1. The attitude of the "man in the street", who knows, thinks, and cares less about the international conspiracies of Marxian Communism- Socialism than he does about Greek syntax. He accepts the President at his face value, admires his winning smile, splendid voice, confident delivery, and assuring promises, and trusts that his extraordinary expenditures are just what the Country needs to carry it toward renewed prosperity, in fact, toward sorne sort of new Utopia where the reign of perfect "social justice" will bring new life to the "forgotten man". Any features of the New Deal to which he objects he blames on the "crack-brained brain-trusters" surrounding the President, but objects to having any blame or responsibility attached to the President himself for appointing these "brain-trusters" and choosing close personal association with them. Though supposedly outwitted, outmanouvered, and taken in by these Reds, the President remains, in his opinion, a strong dependable leader of sound judgment. He regards any adverse criticism of Roosevelt, as Roosevelt himself has described it, as the malicious emanations of representatives of entrenched greed, personifying the spirit of human wolves who tremble to tear the raw flesh from the bones of the poor and grin white licking the blood ddpping from their chops-but are prevented from doing so only by the interV'ention of a Messiah President, copyrighter of humanitarianism, altruism, and "social justice". Naturally, the "man in the street" loves the "Messiah" and loathes the "wolfish" opposition. ... ...

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