Duke David - How Israeli terrorism and American treason caused the September 11 Attacks

Author : Duke David
Title : How Israeli terrorism and American treason caused the September 11 Attacks
Year : 2002

Link download : Duke_David_-_How_Israeli_terrorism_and_American_treason_caused_the_September_11_Attacks.zip

Every terrorist involved in the September attacks, which caused the death of thousands of Americans on September 11, should suffer the ultimate punishment for his crime. No person or nation that commits terrorism against America should escape punishment. But now I am going to make a statement that may well shock you. If you agree that those who commit terrorist acts against America should be punished, then America should put Israel at the top of our hit list; for in this article, I will prove that Israel has committed deliberate acts of murderous terrorism against America and has responsibility for the carnage of September 11, 2001. I will show that Israel has committed more continuing terrorism in the last half century than any other nation on earth. Then, I will expose Israel’s record of terrorism and treachery against the United States of America. Finally, I will show the shocking facts proving that Israel’s extremist government, under the leadership of mass-murderer Ariel Sharon, treacherously abetted the 9-11 catastrophe. Israel’s acts of terrorism and treachery against America have not only gone unpunished, but have been rewarded by politicians who have treasonously betrayed the United States. Why was America attacked? ...

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