Putnam Hilary - Levinas and Judaism

Author : Putnam Hilary
Title : Levinas and Judaism
Year : 2005

Link download : Putnam_Hilary_-_Levinas_and_Judaism.zip

Levinas survived the SecondWorldWar under difficult and humiliating circumstances,1 while his family, with the exception of his wife and daughter, perished. These experiences may well have shaped his sense that what is demanded of us is an ‘infinite’ willingness to be available to and for the other’s suffering. ‘The Other’s hunger – be it of the flesh, or of bread – is sacred; only the hunger of the third party limits its rights’, Levinas writes in the preface to Difficult Freedom. To understand fully what Levinas means here would be to understand his whole philosophy. I want to make a beginning at such an understanding. ...

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