Robison John - Proofs of conspiracy against religions and governments of Europe

Author : Robison John
Title : Proofs of conspiracy against religions and governments of Europe, Carried on in the secret meetings of free masons, illuminati and reading societies, collected from good authorities
Year : 1798

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TO THE RIGHT HONORABLE WILLIAM WYNDHAM. SECRETARY AT WAR. &c. as &e. SIR, It was with great ƒatisfaction that I learned from a Friend that you coincided with me in the opinion, that the information contained in this performance would make a uƒeful impreƒƒion on the minds of my Countrymen. I have preƒumed to inƒcribe it with your Name, that I may publicly espreƒs the pleaƒure which I felt, when I found that neither a ƒeparation for thirty years, nor the preƒƒure of the moƒt important buƒineƒs, had effaced your kind remembrance of a College Acquaintance, or abated that obliging and polite attention with which you favored au in thoƒe early days of life. The friendƒhip of the accompliƒhed and the worthy is the higheƒt honor; and to him who is cut off, by want of health, from almoƒt every other enjoyment, it is an ineƒtimable bleƒƒing. Accept, therefore, I pray, of my grateful acknowledgements, and of my earneƒt wiƒhes for your Health, Proƒperity, and increaƒing Honor. With ƒentiments of the greateƒt Eƒteem and Reƒpect, I am, SIR, Your moƒt obedient, and moƒt humble Servant, JOHN ROBISON. ...

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