Honsik Gerd - Fiend and Felon

Author : Honsik Gerd
Title : Fiend and Felon America's Idol - a Crook ! Power, Perjury and Murder in Simon Wiesenthal's Footsteps
Year : 1993

Link download : Honsik_Gerd_-_Fiend_and_Felon.zip

Foreword by Hans Strobl. Expecting to find fraud, the author found murder. And the Israeli- American Imperium. A man whom the statesmen of the western world inundate with decorations and honorary degrees, who is praised as just for his life of injustice, as humane for his life full of hatred, and as "moral authority" for a dozen demonstrable perjuries, is unmasked in this book as a common crook on the basis of numerous documents, some of which have never been published before. When Gerd Honsik began writing this book, drawing on Wizenthal's personal data and a precise analysis of his autobiography Justice Not vengeance, he believed that he was merely documenting the history of a crook of international stature. But the author came across a multitude of criminal offenses, all of them apparently growing out of one and the same ignoble tendency, namely the desire to gain advantages or even a living through cunning and deception. Honsik believed he was exposing the true face of a hateful old man, but what he found was the head of the worldwide anti-German agitation of the American Imperium in Austria, who is evidently able and authorized to act coldbloodedly and with the collaboration of American and Israeli offices in worldwide endeavors. At first, the following details strike us as confusing, and may be new even to people who have long been familiar with Wizenthal. It begins with the fact that the man whom you know as Sit-non Wiesenthal is not truly called Simon Wiesenthal at all. To save himself the bother of formally changing his name, he chose the approach most closely suited to his nature: in his pertinent affidavits he lied to the authorities in question so long and so persistently that eventually they no longer opposed his longed-for Germanization of his Polish-Yiddish name. Szymon Wizenthal, of whom you believe that he "miraculously" survived twelve or thirteen concentration camps, was spared harassment during the time of the great persecution of the Jews, during the so-called "Holocaust", from spring 1942 until summer 1944. While Wizenthal himself claims that first 12, later 6 and now still 1.5 million of his ethnic brethren were herded into so-called "gas chambers", his personal files prove that he himself was excused from such a fate by Hitler's Germany. What is more, his personal documents show that the Reich's Employment Office, knowing of Wizenthal's Jewish ethnicity, assigned him a job with the 11 German State Railway, as German wage-earner - a fact which work-shy Wizenthal cannot forgive or forget to this day. ...

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