Icke David - An other-dimensional view of the american catastrophe

Author : Icke David
Title : An other-dimensional view of the american catastrophe from a source they cannot silence. How bush and blair "knew"; the China scenario; and the manipulation to come by mind-controlled "celebrities"
Year : 2002

Link download : Icke_David_-_An_other-dimensional_view_of_the_american_catastrophe.zip

As I mentioned in a recent posting, I have been introduced to a channelled source of information that has proved to be incredibly accurate. In fact, it is clear to me now that this consciousness has been guiding me to uncover the global conspiracy and preparing me to do so all my life. I had arranged to converse with this source through an extremely gifted "channel" two weeks before the U.S. atrocities and the appointment turned out to be the day after the tragedy. What I was told supported my own "this-world" research that the plan is to trigger a conflict with China that would lead to the formation of world government, central bank, currency and army and turn the planet into an orbiting prison camp. Another highly likely scenario I have been told about many times by United States "insiders", incidentally, is an attack on the Muslim shrine at Temple Mount in Jerusalem to further escalate conflict with the Islamic world, and my own view is that we could possibly even see the assassination of President Bush and someone very close to Tony Blair to increase still more dramatically the measures imposed to "fight terrorism". Horrific as the events of September 11th were, they are just the start, not the end of this stage of the Illuminati-reptilian agenda. I asked this other dimensional source to tell me who was really responsible for what happened in New York and Washington and this was the reply. This conversation took place on September 12th 2001. ...

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