Icke David - Attacks on innocents arabs

Author : Icke David
Title : Attacks on innocents arabs reveal the child-like mentality of those responsible and how easy it is for a few to control the world
Year : 1999

Link download : Icke_David_-_Attacks_on_innocents_arabs.zip

One of the scenes imprinted in my psyche was when the prison van left the court in Liverpool with the two young boys accused, and later convicted, of the murder of the toddler, James Bulger. In the wake of this terrible event, those who condemned the two boys for their violent actions proceeded to attack the prison van and screamed that they wanted to kill the kids inside. The mentality that can condemn murder and violence while seeking retribution by the same means must tread the very depths of hypocrisy and selfdelusion. So it is with the oh so predictable attacks on innocent Muslims in America and Britain, people who are no more responsible for what happened in New York and Washington than those who are now seeking to cause them harm for the crime of being a Muslim in a country where the Illuminati government has launched a coldly calculated, pre-arranged, propaganda campaign to demonise the Arab world for its own sick and despicable ends. ...

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