Icke David - The Truth is negative ? Since when ?

Author : Icke David
Title : The Truth is negative ? Since when ?
Year : 2002

Link download : Icke_David_-_The_Truth_is_negative_Since_when.zip

I have heard it said that many articles on this site are too explicit and that we should let people know what is happening in a slower, more "gentle" way. That's a view and people have every right to express it. But, from where I am sitting, it is breathtaking self-indulgence. I hear people talk about facing their fears, taking their power back, and making a difference, but when the opportunity comes to do so, they want to run, mentally, emotionally, and even physically. The point is that we do not have limitless time to expose what is happening and every day that passes more and more children are suffering. Tell them we have to go more slowly and gently because we don't want to upset people. ...

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