Walendy Udo - Truth for Germany

Author : Walendy Udo
Title : Truth for Germany The Guilt Question of the Second World War
Year : 1965

Link download : Walendy_Udo_-_Truth_for_Germany.zip

The hypothesis of Germany’s Guilt for the Second World War is refuted. Future historical research could, if need be, amplify the facts compiled in this book, but it can no longer prove them non-existent. There is available to the public today a considerable number of documents, both from home and abroad, on the foreign policies of the Great Powers before September 1939, as well as a wealth of literature in the memoirs-field of the persons directly involved in the decisions that would lead to the outbreak of the War. Together, they make possible a mosaic-like reconstruction of the events before the outbreak of the War in 1939. One can assume with an almost virtual certainty that the Victor Powers, starting in 1945, have sifted through the German archives for all the documents incriminating Germany, and during the following twenty years have utilized and published them. It is, therefore, to be expected that the hitherto unpublished documents from the Reich government contain material possibly exonerating Germany. The same would apply to the still unavailable secret archive material of the Allies in East and West. This book, demonstrating in concentrated format the happenings arising from the manifold connections before the outbreak of the War in Europe in 1939, cannot be glibly brushed aside with the reproach of being “tendentious”. “Tendency” always presupposes unscientific and unscholarly workings, at random “intuitive guesswork”, “interpretation”, insufficient knowledge of sources and the attempt of imposing a “biased” objective. This book has been published only after an intensive study of sources, taking the greatest care to avoid all guesswork interpretations. It serves not any one particular party, nor is it meant solely for the German people; the aim, rather, is to contribute towards new understandings and cognizance for mankind. ...

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