Duke David - Slavery jews and White guilt

Author : Duke David
Title : Slavery jews and White guilt The David Duke Report 105 Summer 2010
Year : 2010

Link download : Duke_David_-_Slavery_jews_and_White_guilt.zip

Other than war, no institution of recorded history has violated more human rights, caused more deaths than did slavery. Although slavery still exists in parts of Africa and some other remote parts of the globe, the last great trafficking in human slaves occurred in bringing Africans to the New World beginning in the early 16th Century and flourishing up until the middle years of the 19th century. The most egregious, cruel and murderous aspect of this period was the transatlantic slave trade often called the middle passage. Scholarly studies of the loss of life during the transportation of slaves to the Americas suggest that between 7 and 10 million Africans suffered indescribable cruelty and perished in the middle passage. ...

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