Teilhard de Chardin Pierre - Christianity and Evolution

Author : Teilhard de Chardin Pierre
Title : Christianity and Evolution
Year : 1968

Link download : Teilhard_de_Chardin_Pierre_-_Christianity_and_Evolution.zip

FOREWORD. It was originally intended that this tenth volwne (in the French edition) of the works of Pere Teilhard de Chardin should contain all his essays and articles dealing with theological problems. However, the number and length of these writings are such that it has been necessary, to avoid producing an unreasonably large volume, to divide them into two volumes, the first of which will contain writings that are more particularly concerned with speculative theology, while the second will bring together those in which Christian life is the dominant subject. There must, it is true, be some arbitrariness in such a division, particularly when one remembers that in the same essay or article Pere Teilhard often deals with both aspects of the theological problem. Whatever reservations one may have about the decision, we feel nevertheless that the selection presented in this volume has the advantage of bringing out with equal clarity both the theoretical and the practical aspect of the author's theological thought. In recent years much has been published about Teilhard de Chardin's theological writings, both about his theology as a whole and about particular points in his teaching. We may mention, for example, the studies of Pere Henri de Lubac, of Georges Crespy, Piet Smulders,S Christopher Mooney, Sigurd Daecke, Eulalio Baltazar, Robert North,? Denis Mermod, Robert Francreur, George Maloney,lO E. Martinazzo,ll Robert Faricy, and Francisco Bravo. To this confessedly incomplete list should be added a large number of shorter studies, articles and reports of congresses, at which Teilhard's theological thought was the subject of many papers and much discussion. Particularly noteworthy among these was' the International Scotist Congress, held at Oxford and Edinburgh from 11 to 17 September 1966, when several papers were concerned with Pere Teilhard's Christology. Seldom in the history of theology has a writer's thought been the occasion, in so few years, of so much often passionate study and discussion. ...

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