Teilhard de Chardin Pierre - The Heart of Matter

Author : Teilhard de Chardin Pierre
Title : The Heart of Matter
Year : 1979

Link download : Teilhard_de_Chardin_Pierre_-_The_Heart_of_Matter.zip

PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN was born and raised in Auvergne, France. A lifelong member of the Society of Jesus, he also studied physics, chemistry, geology, and palaeontology. He was a volunteer stretcher bearer in the First W orld W ar and received the Military Medal and the Legion of Honor. Following the war, he lived for many years in China and was a major participant in the discovery and classification of Pcking Man. His academie distinctions included a professorship in geology at the Catholic Institute of Paris, and directorships of the National Geographie Survey of China and the National Research Center of France. Teilhard lived in New York City after the Second World W ar and continued his philosophie work there under the auspices of the Wenner-Gren Foundation until his death. He is buried in the United States. During his liferime Père Teilhard was barred by his religious superiors from teaching and publishing his philosophical and religious works. His manuscripts, which he bequeathed to a friend, were published posthumously-among them such major works as The Phenomenon of Man and The Divine Milieu. The latest works of Père Teilhard published in the United States are Human Energy, ActitJation of Energy, Christianity and Evolution, and Tofllard the Future. ...

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