Teilhard de Chardin Pierre - Writings in Time of War

Author : Teilhard de Chardin Pierre
Title : Writings in Time of War
Year : 1965

Link download : Teilhard_de_Chardin_Pierre_-_Writings_in_Time_of_War.zip

Preface. Père Teilhard de Chardin's war-time letters to his cousin Marguerite Teillard-Chambon1 will have familiarized those who have read them with the early stages of his thought, and drawn their attention to the existence of a number of essays written at the front during the same period. lt is quite staggering to see a man working as a stretcherbearer 2 in that ghastly fi.ghting, living for the most part in the mud of the trenches, and at the same time taking advantage of his too brief rest periods to jot down on paper his notes and plans (cf. Making of a Mind, pp. II 3-14, 241 ), to be worked up later into essays that dealt with the most profound problems. As each was finished, it was sent off to his cousin (ibid. p. 189) or to his sister Guiguite (p. I 35), or to one of his fellow-Jesuits, sometimes in the hope that it might be published (pp. I 51, 209). At times he would ask his sister or his cousin to have sorne copies typed for his friends (pp. 204, 238, 266, 286). After a first draft, in which there were a considerable number of alterations and deletions, he would generally make a fair copy (pp. 238, 267). This explains how it is that we have two copies of sorne of the pa pers, with, of course, a number of variations. This is the case with Mon Univers 1918). Shortly before her death Marguerite Teillard-Chambon bequeathed these manuscripts to her sister Alice, who agreed to their publication. ...

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