O'Callaghan Sean - To Hell or Barbados

Author : O'Callaghan Sean
Title : To Hell or Barbados The ethnic cleansing of Ireland
Year : 2001

Link download : O_Callaghan_Sean_-_To_Hell_or_Barbados.zip

Sean O'Callaghan was born in Killavullen, County Cork, on 22 May 1918; educated at Wallstown National School and the Christian Brothers' School, Doneraile, and later at the Military College, Curragh, County Kildare. He was commissioned in 1936 and served in Cork and later in Dublin with the Regiment of Pearse, becoming second in command to Vivion de Valera in 1940 al).d serving under him in Greystones, County Wicklow. On leaving the army he became a journalist in Fleet Street working on the Dispatch, the Chronicle and John O'London's Weekly. In 1952, he went to work on the East African Standard in Nairobi as roving correspondent, covering events in Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Rhodesia and South Africa. In 1956, after the publication of his fust book, The Easter Lily, he became a full-rime writer. ' Between 1956 and 1992, Sean O'Callaghan wrote fourteen books, many of them of an investigative nature. One, The Slave Trade, dealing with modern slavery in Africa and the Middle East, was translated into thirteen languages and sold in hardback and paperback over 100,000 copies. A full-length feature film was made of it by Malenotti of Rome. Included in the books published were two other books on Ireland, The Jackboot in Ire/and and Execution. The fust part of an ·autobiography, Down by the Glenside, was publisheél by Mercier Press, Cork, in 1992. Sadly, he died as this book was going to press, in August 2000. ACKNOWLEDMENTS. Many people have encouraged and helped me in the writing of this book. Chief among them I would single out Michael Carroll, M.A. of Bantry; Professor Kenneth L. Carroll of Maryland; C.F.J. MacCarthy (historian) of Cork; Ulick O'Connor; Gregory O'Connor, Archivist of National Archives, Dublin; Peter Simmonds, Ronald Taylor, Mrs Betty Carillo Shannon and, above all, Patrick Kelman Roach, all of Barbados. Patrick Roach was my guide and mentor there. Finally, thanks to Desiree Brincat and Yvonne Magri for typing the manuscript, as well as my wife, Halina, and son, Mark, for their advice, support and hel p. To one and all, I owe a deep debt of gratitude. Sean O'Callaghan Malta, July 2000 ...

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