Lincoln Rockwell George - Nightmare : The Prophecy Of George Lincoln Rockwell

Author : Lincoln Rockwell George
Title : Nightmare : The Prophecy Of George Lincoln Rockwell "In the next war the uniform will be the color of the skin."
Year : 19**

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George Lincoln Rockwell, American White Hero. It’s hot. The night atmosphere is heavy and oppressive. All the windows are open. You can hear a siren a few blocks away, the kids screaming in the street, and even the drunken voices of the O’Malleys in their usual argument. But no breath of air comes through the windows. You lean back in your squeaky wicker chair, tee shirt wet with perspiration. Even the little fan oscillating back and forth just emphasises the brutal heat and sweatiness of the air when the fan’s draught momentarily brushes you. You turn on the TV and take a gulp of beer out of the cold can. It seems like any other hot August night – only somehow this one is different. You can feel it. There’s an air of tension, expectancy, foreboding. The news has been bad. But then it’s been bad since the riots began way back in June. You’ve gotten used to the riots every summer, since 1963. Now it’s 1978. The summers are expected to be periods of almost open warfare between Blacks and Whites. Even the winters aren’t real truces anymore as they used to be in the sixties. There are outbreaks of the Black-and-White war even in the coldest winter months. But always the harried authorities have managed to keep working and to keep up some pretence of civilised life. But this year the riots have been almost constant. The TV in front of you has just shown dramatic pictures of what’s going on in other American cities; the searchlights stabbing into the city night, highlighting black faces distorted with hate, fighting the police and the National Guard troops, the gunfire and the blazing buildings where hurled Molotov cocktails have set up whole apartment and retail blocks in flames. However, it’s been quiet in your city now for almost two weeks. The cops and the soldiers beat down the last uprising by the Blacks before it got out of the Negro area situated only a few blocks away. The TV newscaster is telling how another boatload of black saboteurs, fresh from guerrilla training in Cuba, has been intercepted after a running gun-battle in the Caribbean. They have been prevented from landing in Florida. ...

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