Sitchin Zecharia - The Cosmic Code

Author : Sitchin Zecharia
Title : The Cosmic Code Book VI of The Earth Chronicles
Year : 1998

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STAR STONES. It took a war — a fierce and bloody war—to bring to light, just decades ago, one of the most enigmatic ancient sites in the Near East. If not the most enigmatic, it certainly is the most puzzling, and for sure one rooted in great antiquity. It is a structure that has no parallel among the remains of the great civilizations that had flourished in the Near East in past millennia—at least so far as has been uncovered. Its closest parallels are thousands of miles away, across the seas and on other continents; and what it mostly brings to mind is Stone- henge in faraway Britain. There, on a windswept plain in England about eighty miles southwest of London, circles of imposing megaliths form the most important prehistoric monument in the whole of Britain. There, a semicircle of huge upright stones that have been connected at their tops by lintel stones encompasses within it a semicircle of smaller stone uprights, and is surrounded in turn by two circles of other megaliths. The multitudes that visit the site find that only some of the megaliths still remain standing, while others have collapsed to the ground or are somehow gone from the site. But scholars and researchers have been able to figure out the configuration of the circles- within-circles (Fig. 1, which highlights the still-standing megaliths), and observe the holes indicating where two other circles—of stones or perhaps wooden pegs—had once ex- isted, in earlier phases of Stonehenge. The horseshoe semicircles, and a fallen large megalith nicknamed the Slaughter Stone, indicate beyond doubt that the structure was oriented on a northeast-southwest axis. ...

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