Velikovsky Immanuel - Worlds in Collision

Author : Velikovsky Immanuel
Title : Worlds in Collision
Year : 1950

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WORLDS IN COLLISION. (Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, New York) This book by Immanuel Velikovsky created a furor all over the world when it was published in April of 1950, a furor that has not yet subsided. A campaign was carried on to create the impression that the press of this country had rejected the book. Here are a few comments from favorable reviews about this work, the most controversial volume in many decades: N. Y. HERALD TRIBUNE, John J. O'Neill: Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky has assembled into a monumental work evidence from all the early civilizations that in the first and second millennium B. C. tremendous terrestrial cataclysms took place. In a magnificent piece of scholarly historical research, there unfolds a most exciting picture of terrestrial events that raises world history to a level of superlative interest. Obscure allusions to events in classical and sacred literature become crystal clear as he fits together the jigsaw puzzle of history. Dr. Velikovsky's work presents a stupendous panorama of terrestrial and human histories which will stand as a challenge to scientists to frame a realistic picture of the cosmos. HARPER'S MAGAZINE, Eric Larrabee: Philosophy, science, religion - there is scarcely an area of knowledge or conviction invulnerable to Dr. Velikovsky's detailed and documented denial that the Earth's history has been one of peaceful evolution ... Bringing to this perspective all the apparatus of learning, Dr. Velikovsky has undertaken the awesome task of making an "inquiry into the architectonics of the world and its history" and of applying the techniques of scholarship and psychoanalysis to the entire human race. READER'S DIGEST, Fulton Oursler: A single scholar has sought a synthesis of knowledge and reason in the field of science, legend and religion. The result is a theory of earth's history as a planet, fascinating as a tale by Jules Verne, yet documented with a scholarship worthy of Darwin. COLLIER'S, Editor: "Worlds in Collision" promises to be one of the most controversial books of the year, perhaps of the decade ... Tremendous volume of research amassed by the author over a period of ten years. Although the theories Dr. Velikovsky expresses are certain to provoke debate, prominent scientific and religious leaders have found them most extraordinary. NEWSWEEK: Velikovsky, a broad-gauge savant with an incredible field of competence in the sciences ... confirms the Bible ... His final conclusions are even world-shaking ... If Velikovsky's monumental work stands, it will upset prevailing views in evolution, physical science and history. NEWSWEEK, "Professors as Suppressors": Although some of the critics who reviewed Velikovsky's book considered it a major scientific contribution, there could be little question but that it had driven the vast majority of the nation's scientists into a highly unacademic fury. For Velikovsky challenges all the present concepts and laws of history, astronomy, biology, and geology. One of the most cherished rights of the nation's teaching profession is academic freedom. ... Yet a small group of professors themselves stood accused of a major assault on academic freedom. PAGEANT: Nothing in recent years has so excited the public imagination, or stirred up so heated a controversy, as the fascinating new theory advanced by Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky, physician, scientist, historian, philosopher. Its inferences past and future, are so great and far reaching as to make the hydrogen bomb and 1950 troubles seem like child's play. ASSOCIATED PRESS, Robert W. Blakeslee, Science Editor: The book upsets all cosmological assumptions that the solar system planets have revolved in their present orbits for billions of years. UNITED PRESS, Paul F, Ellis, Science Editor: "Worlds in Collision" caused a commotion among astronomers but Velikovsky said: "Let them disprove the historical records on which my book is based." NEW REPUBLIC, Harold L. Ickes: Dr. Velikovsky has conferred a great boon upon all of us. He has given us something to think about; something even to pray about ... Perhaps we shall have sense enough to put our heads between our hands and do some real thinking about universal and lasting peace. BOOK-OF-THE-MONTH CLUB NEWS, John J. O'Neill: If you want an intellectual jolt read "Worlds in Collision" by Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky. It will furnish your mind with a new set of horizons. For here is a volume filled with events, stupendous, cataclysmic - terrestrial and cosmic - ... This is not just a wonder book. It is a serious presentation by a sincere scholar, and there is a deep philosophic significance underlying it. Dr. Velikovsky provides an array of evidence to support his claims. Scholars may disagree with Dr. Velikovsky's conclusions. To minds blinded by too much orthodoxy they may seem fantastic. They are, nevertheless, worthy of most serious thought. Science and history have been standing pat for entirely too long on a theory of man and nature that excludes the possibility of events outside a dull, safe routine. They have achieved this static program by hanging velvet curtains of taboo around embarrassing situations. They are ripe for a jolt. Dr. Velikovsky has pulled some of the curtains aside. EVERYBODY'S DIGEST, Editor: This remarkable ten-year study may rock the civilized world, challenging both our religious concepts and the theory of evolution. ...

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