Lane David - The Essential Writings of David Lane

Author : Lane David Eden
Title : The Essential Writings of David Lane. 88 Precepts. Autobiography. The Pyramid Prophecy. Revolution by Number 14. KD Rebel. Wotanism (Odinism). Wotansvolk. Wotanism Lecture. Valhalla: Fact or Fiction? Gates of the Mind. Polygamy: Nature’s Command. Open Letter to All Christians.
Year : 19**

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Current circumstances are all that matter. We are denied White nations, White Schools, White neighborhoods and everything necessary for racial survival. And inter-racial mating, especially for the last young White women is promoted with ever increasing passion. As less then two percent of earth's population is young White female. I did not sacrifice my freedom and spend the last 20 years in prison for technological gadgets, artificial religions or materialistic decadent societies. I fight to this day for my personal Fourteen Words, which are, "BECAUSE THE BEAUTY OF THE WHITE ARYAN WOMAN MUST NOT PERISH FROM THE EARTH." Sexual lust is the mother of battle lust and battle lust is the mother of nations. That is why our indigenous religions were fertility based. Will the castrated, fat, lazy, programmed pile of walking camel dung which is the modern White man put down his six pack of beer and his television channel changer, in order to obey Nature's highest law? Television where he worships negro ball players, as the pretty White cheerleaders in their short skirts get wet panties over those who never invented a wheel or a written language. The subliminal message is clear and constant! Will Bob Mathews and the members of The Order ever be honored for their sacrifices? Will beautiful White women love us? No, but they will get wet panties over freaks like Michael Jackson. Does the White Aryan race deserve to survive? Nature's laws, harsh and unyielding will decide. Fight or die, kill or be killed, reproduce or perish. That is the decree of Nature's God. David Lane ...

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