Klassen Ben - Salubrious Living

Author : Klassen Ben (Bernhardt Klassen)
Title : Salubrious Living A Natural Life Style for achieving and maintaining the ultimate in superb health and well being as taught and praticed by the Church of Creativity
Year : 1982

Link download : Klassen_Ben_-_Salubrious_Living.zip

Introduction. The term "Salubrious Living" is a nomenclature I have coined as part and parcel of a very important facet of our religious creed and program set forth by the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR. The word "salubrious" comes from the Latin word "salubris" meaning "healthy; wholesome; sound; useful; vigorous". Webster's dictionary defines the English derivative "salubrious" as: 1. favorable to, or promoting health or well being; invigorating; 2. spiritually wholesome; conducive to good results". It is in this context of fully promoting the health and well being of the White Race that we use this term in its true literal meaning. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR want to differentiate this term from "Natural Hygiene popularly used for many decades by health practitioners devoted to this worthy art and science. The two practices are in large part similar, but we prefer to use the term Salubrious Living for two reasons (a) we go one step further than Natural Hygiene and include Eugenics as a vital part of our philosophy and, (b) as I explain in the WHITE MAN'S BIBLE, "Natural Hygiene" is not the best choice of words in describing what this subject is all about. Nevertheless we want to hereby acknowledge a large debt and deep gratitude to the study of Natural Hygiene and its illustrious contributors who, together, have built this most valuable of all health philosophies. The creed and program of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR is basically contained in two books. The first of these is NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION and the second is THE WHITE MAN'S BIBLE. Basically the thrust of that creed is the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race and the White Race only. Together these two books comprise the sacred books of CREATIVITY. NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION was first published in 1973. In the second book, The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE (published in 1981) we amplify and expand our creed to further embrace areas such as physical health, mental health, nutrition, fasting, environment and saving our productive soil, subjects not touched on in the first book. Among these subjects in the second book, approximately nine chapters are devoted to the subject of SALUBRIOUS LIVING. These embrace all facets of healthful living, how to regain health and how to keep it once it has been achieved. These nine chapters also expose the hoax of medicine and drugs, of how the medical profession has set itself up as a semireligious autocracy, a powerful closed shop which dictates dogma and doctrine; of how with the aid of the government it successfully uses strong-arm methods to keep all others out of its tremendously lucrative racket. All this it does for its own selfish pecuniary interests, its own self-aggrandizement and to the detriment of a long suffering public. In Salubrious Living we have an altogether different approach to the health problem. In fact, we categorically state that we would have practically no health problems in the first place if we didn't through ignorance and stupidity create these problems ourselves. This we do on the advice and at the instigation of our orthodox medical profession by poisoning ourselves with medicines, drugs and chemicals, all of which are alien to our body and poisonous to our systems. We further exacerbate the problem by bad nutrition and by bad choices of foods, by destroying the nutritional elements in even the good foods, and by imbibing with the crippled foods large quantities of preservatives, additives and other chemicals, all of which are dire poison. In the nine chapters of The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE on Salubrious Living we compress much of this information into a minimal synopsis, all in the interest of saving space, since we have so much other ground to cover. All we have done basically in The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE is to show which direction to go in, where the real values lie, and what to avoid. In no sense was it to cover the subject comprehensively, because space does not allow. We did promise, however, that we would expand further in another book. In this book, SALUBRIOUS LIVING, we do just that. We expand on the subject of health in greater detail. It is in complete conformity with the briefer chapters in The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE but it does not diverge into the many other vital subjects as we do in the former book. Outside of this introduction and the final chapter on Eugenics, both of which were written by myself, the entire balance of the text has been written by Arnold DeVries, who compiled the study in an excellent book entitled "The Fountain of Youth". It is so logical, so comprehensive, and being entirely based on the Eternal Laws of Nature, we embrace it as part of our own program of A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. In order to define our program of Salubrious Living we again review the 14 basic points as set forth in The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE. These 14 are: 1. We believe in living in accord with our human biological heritage and in harmony with the Laws of Nature. 2. This means eating fresh wholesome food in its natural state as Nature has given it to us. It must be uncooked, unprocessed, unpreserved and not tampered with in any other way. This further means it must be organically grown, without the use of chemicals. ...

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