Buck J. D. - Mystic Masonry or the Symbols of Freemasonry and Greater Mysteries of Antiquity

Author : Buck J. D.
Title : Mystic Masonry or the Symbols of Freemasonry and Greater Mysteries of Antiquity
Year : 1896

Link download : Buck_J_D_-_Mystic_Masonry_or_the_Symbols_of_Freemasonry_and_Greater_Mysteries_of_Antiquity.zip

FOREWORD TO THE THIRD EDITION. The spirit of unrest is in the air. On the surface of things today, CommerciaUsm most often and most loudly claims attention. Great combinations oi capital and the massing of millions seem the order of the day. Within the body politic organization and cooperation is being tried on a scale never before recorded in the history of man, and economic problems are being tested in a way that cannot help adding immensely to the combined experience of mankind. What the final outcome may be, only the wisest could now say, and perhaps only the foolish would venture to predict. But human nature is essentially a stable product, and can be relied on in any event. Deep in the heart of man lies the principle of justice and equity, and no abuse that selfishness and greed can devise can long have any permanency. We may be far from the universal reign of Brotherhood, but there is something deep down in the heart of man that continually strives toward it. Potent as is all this commercial unrest and economic strife, other problems are equally up for solution. Using the term in its broadest sense, the Psychic problem keeps pace with the economic. Ethics and Economics are inseparable. The conduct of the individual, and the use of the resources of life and the distribution of wealth, always involve both ethics and economics; in short, constitute them. Outside the churches and religious literature we hear less about religion nowadays. Indeed, many otherwise good people seem to think religion obsolete ; a thing of the past ; a survival—where, indeed, it is admitted to have survived at all—of the dark ages. No greater mistake could possibly be made. The surface problems may have changed; organizations may have broken up or disappeared, but the vital issues not only remain, but were never more in evidence than today. Nor can it be otherwise so long as the essential nature of man remains unchanged. ...

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