Hale Matt - FACTS The Government and Media don't Want You to Know!

Author : Hale Matt
Title : FACTS The Government and Media don't Want You to Know!
Year : 2002

Link download : Hale_Matt_-_FACTS_The_Government_and_Media_don_t_Want_You_to_Know.zip

White Liberation and Self Determination. Hello! I am the Rev. Matt Hale, director of the Creativity Movement, an international religious organization dedicated to organizing White people to fight for their civil rights, liberties, and selfdetermination. We in our movement are non-violent and promote change and progress through legal activism. We believe that one of the most effective ways to enable progress and change for our people is through the dissemination of factual information - which is our purpose in giving you this free booklet. You most likely have never been presented with this information before, because both the government and the mainstream media have kept these facts from you. Not only will we present the facts to you, but we will also present the reasons why the media and government keep these facts from you. I urge you to read the following pages carefully and with an open mind. We present these facts to you without putting a spin on them because we believe intelligent people like you can draw their own conclusions. We also present the sources at the bottom of each page and invite you, should you be interested, to confirm these facts for yourself. Because of limited space, we have presented only the facts and not the solutions. If you are interested in the solution to these problems, we explain in our conclusion what you can do. Sincerely, The Rev. Matt Hale. ...

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