The Fabian Society - Fabian Tract No. 41 The Fabian society What it has Done; & How it has Done it

Author : The Editors of Executive Intelligence Review
Title : Fabian Tract No. 41 The Fabian society What it has Done; & How it has Done it
Year : 1892

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If any delegate present thinks &at the Fabian Society was wise Ii from the hour of its birth, let him forthwith renounce that error. - The Fabian wisdom, such as it is, has grown out of the Fabian experience ; and our distinction, if we may claim any, lies more in our capacity for profiting by experience (a rarer faculty in politics than you might suppose) than in any natural superiority on our part. to the follies of incipient Socialism. In 1883 we were content with nothing less than the prompt “reconstruction of society in accordance’ with the highest moral possibilities.” In 1884 we were discussing whether money should be permitted under Socialism, or whether labor notes would not be a more becoming currency for us ; and I myself actually debated the point with a Fabian who had elaborated a pass-book system to supersede both methods. Then we were joined by Mrs. Wilson, now one of the chief members of the Freedom Group of Kropotkinist Anarchists ; and a sort of influenza of Anarchism soon spread through the society. When we issued our fortunately littleknown Tract No. 4, “What Socialism Is,” we divided it into two sections, one answeriqg the question from the Collectivist and &he’ other from the Anarchist point of view. The answer did not amount to much either way; for the tract contains nothing that was not already to be found better stated in the famous Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels. ...

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