The Fabian Society - The forthy-sixt annual report

Author : The Fabian Society - Carpenter Edward - Dymond D. C. Pedder
Title : The forthy-sixt annual report
Year : 1929

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The year under review has been marked by a continued development and consolidation of the Labour movement and the Labour Party. The figures of the recent bye-elections shoW a large turnover of votes to Labour, and there are clear indications that the country is turning to that Party as the real opposition to the reactionary policy of the government. It is worthy of note that the Fabian Society, which has taken its part in the education and formation of public opinion in political affairs, has now nearly a hundred of its members adopted as candidates for Parliament at the approaching election. In our own affairs the year has been one of some trouble and difficulty owing to the need for obtaining new j^remises and removing. The premises at 25, Tothill Street, which we had occupied for fourteen years, were sold for rebuilding, and are now demolished, and we received notice to quit in March. It was impossible to find any suitable premises to let in the vicinity, and we were accordingly faced with the alternative of leaving Westminster or purchasing a suitable house in the neighbourhood. Fortunately such a house was available and for sale at a reasonable price, and eventually it was decided to buy the freehold of our present premises, 11, Dartmouth Street. A member of the Society kindly advanced the sum of £2,500 on a mortgage, and the Atkinson Fund Trustees advanced a further £1,000 free of interest but to be repaid by annual instalments. This sufficed to purchase the freehold and to put the premises in thorough repair, including some necessarv reconstruction. We removed on September 24-th, and the new house is satisfactory and meets our needs in every way, except that it does not provide a hall for meetings. ...

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