Strydom Lauritz - Rivonia unmasked !

Author : Strydom Lauritz
Title : Rivonia unmasked !
Year : 1965

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"Not only must we get to know who our enemy is, we must also render him harmless. That is the message of this book,” so writes the Minister of Justice, the Hon. Mr. B.J. Vorster, in his foreword. "RIVONIA UNMASKED!" is the dramatic story of the sensational Rivonia sabotage trial as well as of the plans of the enemy which were intended to lead to the destruction of a nation. In this book the mask is torn away to reveal the face of the monster with which we are confronted. FOREWORD BY THE HON. MR. B. J. VORSTER LIFE moves so rapidly and events follow each other with such speed that while one is speculating on what may happen tomorrow, one actually forgets the incidents of yesterday. Complete reports of court cases and other happenings can often not be given in newspapers because of lack of space and interest in a sensational court case can diminish when the proceedings are protracted for months. This did happen with the Rivonia case and I am pleased, therefore, that the whole matter is related in this book in such a concise and interesting manner. The incidents connected with Rivonia and the lessons learnt by those in authority and by others must definitely not be forgotten. We can rejoice as a nation and give thanks to God that the attack on the Republic and its way of life did not succeed, but unless this results in a much greater watchfulness we shall have gained but little. Not only must we get to know who our enemy is, we must also render him harmless. That is the message of this book. It could truly not have been an easy task for the writer to extract the gist of the matter from the thousands of pages of evidence. Every reader will acknowledge that he succeeded very well in doing this. This is verily a book which deserves a wide circle of readers and which will certainly obtain them. ...

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