Denning Troy - The Amber Enchantress

Author : Denning Troy
Title : Dark Sun The Amber Enchantress Prism Pentad Book 3
Year : 1992

Link download :

A DREAM BORN FROM TYRANNY. Athas, world of the clark sun. Ruled fOr t!housands of years by power-mad sorcerer-kings, the cities of Athas have become vilecenters of'slavery and eorruption. Only heroes of the greatest strength and bravest heart can stand against the might of these overlords. The Priam Pentad is a tale of such heroes. ... Sadira - the beautiful half-elven slave girl, caught between her desire to fight for her world and the seductive power offered to her by forbidden sorceries. Nok - the halOing chieftan who leaves his lush forest home to search relentlessly for the woman who has stolen his magical staff. Magnus - the elven windsinger, formed by the magic of the Pristine Tower into a creature of the New Races and raised by the elven chief, Faenaeyon. ...

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