Denning Troy - The Obsidian Oracle

Author : Denning Troy
Title : Dark Sun The Obsidian Oracle Prism Pentad Book 4
Year : 1993

Link download :

THE SEVERED BONDS OF FRIENDSHIP. Athas, world of the dark sun. Ruled for thousands of years by power-mad sorcerer-kings, the cities of Athas have become vile centers of slavery and corruption. Only heroes of the greatest strength and bravest heart can stand against the might of these overlords. The Prism Pentad is a tale of such heroes. ... Tithian I - the power-hungry ruler of Tyr, determined to allow no one, either friend or foe, to prevent him from becoming an immortal sorcerer-king. Agis of Astides - the master of psionics and firebrand senator who must capture the king and bring him back to stand trial ... on a charge of slave-taking. Fylo - the half-breed giant who wants acceptance at any cost and finds that friendship, whether with giants or humans, can be both elusive and deadly. ...

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