Denning Troy - The Verdant Passage

Author : Denning Troy
Title : Dark Sun The Verdant Passage Prism Pentad Book 1
Year : 1991

Link download :

BETWEEN FREEDOM AND DESPAIR. Athas, world of the dark sun. Ruled for thousands of years by power-mad sorcerer-kings, the cities of Athas have become vile cent ers of slavery and corruption. Only heroes of the greatest strength and bravest heart can stand against the might of these overlords. The Prim Pentad is a tale of such heroes. ... Rikus-the man-dwarf whose skill as a gladiator is the only thing that can win him his freedom. Sadira-the beautiful half-elven slave-girl, caught between ber desire to fight for ber world and the seductive power offered to ber by forbidden sorceries. Agis of Asticles-the master of psionics and firebrand senator who saw hiiD.self as the people's hero ... until-he encountered the true champions of the oppressed, the mysterious Veiled Alliance. ...

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