Kolisko Eugen - Kolisko Lili - Agriculture of Tomorrow

Authors : Kolisko Eugen - Kolisko Lili
Title : Agriculture of Tomorrow
Year : 1939

Link download : Kolisko_Eugen_-_Kolisko_Lili_-_Agriculture_of_Tomorrow.zip

INTRODUCTION. In June 1924 Rudolf Steiner gave a series of lectures to a meeting of farmers and gardeners on Count Karl von Keyserlingk's estate at Koberwitz in Silesia. He spoke about the various problems of agriculture. In the introductory lecture he pointed out how far-reaching the interests of agricultural life are, how nearly ail the different branches of human life are connected with agriculture, how many spheres of life are touched by it. How complctely wrong it is only to takc into consideration the itnmediate surroundings of a beetroot or a turnip, for examplc. For the plant is dependent in its growth on influences which are not to be found on earth, but which are streaming in from the cosmos. W e try to arrange and ex plain many things as though we had only to deal with them within their narrow limits, and not with the whole universe. Already in his first lecture Dr. Steiner sketched a picture of agriculture reaching far beyond our carth, touching the stars. He stressed the necessity of enlarging our knowledge of plant life, animallife, and the life of the wholc earth, and of extending it to an intimate knowledgc of the whole cosmos. After his lectures thcre was always an opportunity for the farmers and gardeners to discuss the different problems dealt with in the lecture, and to ask questions ; it was amazing to hear Dr. Steiner's replies about aU their many problems. Only eight lectures were given, but they contain the fundamental principles for a new agriculture. Sorne of the farmers and gardeners undertook to start making use of Dr. Steiner's suggestions immediatcly on their farms. Some time later Dr. Steiner entrusted me with the task of making the necessary scientific investigations. Twenty years have passed and I have tried to carry out as much as was possible. More could have been donc if there had been more financial help. L. KOLISKO. ...

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