Seiling Max - Theosophy and Christianity

Author : Seiling Max
Title : Theosophy and Christianity A signpost for those who desire information concerning Theosophy
Year : 1913

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BEFORE I enter upon the relation between Theosophy and Christianity I must try to throw sorne light upon the essence of that significant spiritual movement about which current ideas are, generally speaking, confused or mistaken. That much misused word, Theosophy, as far as I know, occurs for the first time in the writings of St. Paul ( 1 Cor. ii, 7). What the Apostle understood by the term it is not easy to say; yet so much is certain, that what is meant by "the hidden "wisdom of God" is no wisdom of this world. He who employs this term nowadays generally has in mind the movement set on foot by Madame Blavatsky and is of the opinion that it deals with a more or less fantastic and, specifically, lndian thought and leaming. even if he does not speak. with Chamberlain. of the "pseudo-Buddhistic sport of the half-educated idler." ...

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