Oliver Revilo Pendleton - A Cringing Lord

Author : Oliver Revilo Pendleton
Title : A Cringing Lord
Year : 1990

Link download : Oliver_Revilo_Pendleton_-_A_Cringing_Lord.zip

Boys who have a streak of cruelty in their character often take earthworms or similar small animals and impale them on a pin to enjoy watching them twist and writhe as they slowly die. God's People enjoy capturing an Aryan -currently a hapless Ukrainian named Demjanjuk- and taking him to their Holy Land and impaling him on legal fictions to enjoy watching the creature twist and writhe, doubtless chuckling as they observe what he will do and say in the hope of saving his life. One form of torture used is one of the subtlest devised by the Holy Inquisition. You may recall a memorable description of it in a short story by Villiers d'Isle-Adam. The victim of applied Christianity is condemned to death and then given opportunities to escape from his dungeon and the fortress; each time at various points along the route to freedom he narrowly escapes discovery and has to remain in mortal terror for a time before he can go on to the next point; of course, it is at the last point, when he is on the very verge of effecting his escape, that he is discovered and hauled back to his dungeon to recuperate until he is in condition to perform in another comedy for the pleasure of godly sadists. The governments of the Jews' principal possessions in North America, Canada and the United States, have established, at the expense of their taxpaying animals, official gangs of terrorists to corral an abundant supply of victims for the show in Jerusalem, which will probably be made a three-ring circus as soon as Demjanjuk is disposed of. Whether he is finally murdered or dismissed as a dehumanized but living husk of tortured flesh and blighted mind is not important. Keeping the arena supplied for the entertainment of God's Own is only one secondary purpose of the terrorism. ...

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