Oliver Revilo Pendleton - A Theory About Rudolf Hess

Author : Oliver Revilo Pendleton
Title : A Theory About Rudolf Hess
Year : 1985

Link download : Oliver_Revilo_Pendleton_-_A_Theory_About_Rudolf_Hess.zip

A well-known writer who wishes to be anonymous has suggested a possible explanation of the mystery surrounding the victim of Anglo-American cruelty now imprisoned, at enormous expense and with preposterous precautions to prevent escape, in Spandau. Having read my article in the April issue of Liberty Bell and accepted the findings of Dr. Thomas that the prisoner is not Rudolf Hess, the writer has sketched the following hypothesis. The British Secret Service, which is known to have been in contact with the infamous Admiral Canaris in Germany, elaborated with him in an ingenious plot to make the Jews victorious in 1941, when a year and a half of warfare had proved that the united power of Britain and France could not save them from defeat in the war they had forced on Germany. The plot called for two principal operations. In the first, Hess was to be assassinated while on one of the solo flights he made from time to time for recreation, and replaced by a 'double,' the prisoner now in Spandau, precisely as happened according to Dr. Thomas. At the same time, Hitler was to be murdered, perhaps by the method used by German traitors when they, in collaboration with Canaris, almost succeeded in killing him in July 1944 and failed by the merest chance. At the death of Hitler, Hess would have automatically become the Fuehrer of the German Reich, and the pseudo-Hess in Scotland would promptly have negotiated a peace that would have saved the Jews' stooges from catastrophic defeat. The British might even have been able to salvage the Empire they were destroying to please their alien masters. ...

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