Oliver Revilo Pendleton - Killing Kennedy

Author : Oliver Revilo Pendleton
Title : Killing Kennedy
Year : 1992

Link download : Oliver_Revilo_Pendleton_-_Killing_Kennedy.zip

My article dealt with the American Medical Association, which had mobilized two squads of tame physicians to discredit the widely shown cinema "J.F.K." and an almost concurrently published book by one of the physicians who had been on duty in the Parkland Hospital in Dallas when Kennedy's body was brought into the hospital. It was a desperate attempt to cover up the patent absurdity of the report on the assassination that had been contrived by a commission over which presided Earl Warren, one of the participants in the conspiracy that had expunged a President who had become a political liability. The book in question is JFK: Conspiracy of Silence, by Dr. Charles A. Crenshaw, assisted by Jens K. Hansen, a professional writer and Vice Chairman of a Research Foundation, and J. Gary Shaw, the director of the JFK Assassination Information Center in Dallas, published in New York by the New American Library (a subsidiary of Penguin Books) in April 1992. The core of the book is the personal observations of Dr. Crenshaw, then a man of thirty, who, although subject to his seniors, could be described, by analogy to military practice, as the executive officer of the hospital, since he was in charge of interns (among whom, by the way, his insistence on absolute accuracy gained him a reputation as a martinet) and of the treatment of persons critically injured in accidents or by gunfire. He was on duty when the bodies of Kennedy and of Oswald, the supposed assassin, were brought to the Parkland Hospital and he witnessed everything that was done medically while the bodies were in the hospital, participating himself in much of the work. His account is printed in a distinguishing typeface (Helvetica). Mr. Shaw supplied, from the data accumulated in the Assassination Information Center over a period of twenty-seven years, the information concerning events of which Dr. Crenshaw had no personal knowledge, which are succinctly summarized in strict chronological order and limited to essentials. Mr. Hansen's contribution, I suppose, was stylistic, so I think him responsible for the passages in which the writing descends to crude journalese. The book cannot in any sense be regarded as inspired by the "right wing." Dr. Crenshaw, who is now Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of Texas's Southwestern Medical School and Director of the Department of Surgery in the affiliated Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, is undoubtedly a highly skilled physician and surgeon, but his political na‹vet‚ is astonishing, almost astounding, when one remembers that he, by the time that Oswald was dead, was in a position to know that the assassination of Kennedy had been contrived by some part of the government in Washington. Nevertheless, even today, he denounces "extreme (!) political factions, like the John Birch Society," and reports that, on the morning of 22 November he was (and presumably still is) shocked by a full-page article in a newspaper that "viciously attacked the integrity of President Kennedy" and described him as a Communist and traitor. Unless he is referring to some handbill or fugitive publication that has not come to my attention, he must have in mind the full-page paid advertisement that appeared that morning in the Dallas Morning News and occupied page 14 of the first section, an advertisement of which a drastically reduced photograph appears on an adjacent page herewith (see original—Ed.). The big advertisement did not explicitly make the charges remembered by Dr. Crenshaw, but implied them in a series of questions which are here reprinted on pages 5 and 6. (—as follows—Ed.) MR. KENNEDY, despite the contentions on the part of your administration, the State Department, the Mayor of Dallas, the Dallas City Council, and members of your party, we free-thinking and American-thinking citizens of Dallas still have, through a Constitution largely ignored by you, the right to address our grievances, to question you, to disagree with you, and to criticize you. ...

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