Oliver Revilo Pendleton - Making a home run

Author : Oliver Revilo Pendleton
Title : Making a home run
Year : 1987

Link download : Oliver_Revilo_Pendleton_-_Making_a_home_run.zip

In May 1987, under the rubric "Home to Mama," I gave a succinct account of the Jew, Aaron Lustiger, who, in the opinion of competent observers, is the Cardinal most likely to become the next Vicar of God on earth. I did not take time to consider the present Vice President of Yahweh & Son, Inc., now in charge of the firm's sales office in the Vatican. The early history of the Papacy is lost in obscurity and fictions. According to a story that is certainly spurious, the first Bishop of Rome was a Kike from Palestine named Peter, supposedly crucified when Nero executed the Jewish terrorists who had destroyed with fire a large part of the city, and who were converted into Christian "martyrs" a century later. The Church exhibits a list of Popes who supposedly held office in the First and Second Centuries. If persons corresponding to those names ever existed, it is quite possible they were given titles that the Christians made out of the word by which children designated a father, tutor, or even paedagogue, papas in Greek and papa in Latin. The title would have been given by the plebeian and ignorant members of any group or congregation of Christians, however small, to their head man or priest, who was 'daddy' to them. It became restricted to bishops in the Third or Fourth Century, and was not formally restricted to Popes in the modern sense of the word, i.e., the rulers of the Church in the West, until 1073. ...

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