Oliver Revilo Pendleton - Marxmanship in Dallas

Author : Oliver Revilo Pendleton
Title : Marxmanship in Dallas
Year : 1964

Link download : Oliver_Revilo_Pendleton_-_Marxmanship_in_Dallas.zip

We all know what happened in Dallas on the twenty-second of November. It is imperative that we understand it. Lee Harvey Oswald was a young punk who defected to the Soviet, taking with him the operational codes of the Marine Corps and such other secrets as a fledgling traitor had been able to steal while in military service. He not only forfeited his American citizenship by his acts, but also officially repudiated it under oath in the American Embassy in Moscow. He was then trained in sabotage, terrorism, and guerilla warfare (including accurate shooting from ambush) in the well-known school for international criminals near Minsk, and while there he married the daughter of a colonel in the Soviet military espionage system (and possibly also in the Secret Police).* In 1962, after he had been trained for three years in Russia, the Communist agent and his Communist wife were brought to the United States, in open violation of American law, by our Communistdominated State Department. On his arrival in this country, Oswald took up his duties as an agent of the Conspiracy, spying on anti-Communist Cuban refugees, serving as an agitator for “Fair Play for Cuba,” and participating in some of the many other forms of subversion that flourish openly in defiance of law through the connivance of the Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy. In April of 1963, he was sent to Dallas, where he tried to murder General Edwin Walker. The failure does not reflect on the assassin’s professional training: General Walker happened to turn his head at the instant the shot was fired. According to a story that has been neither confirmed nor denied officially at the time that I write, Oswald was arrested as a suspect, but was released through the personal intervention of Robert F. Kennedy, and all inquiry into the attempted assassination of a great American was halted.† In November, Oswald was sent back to Dallas, where a job in a suitably located building had been arranged for him. He shot the President of the United States from ambush, left the building undetected, and would have escaped to Mexico but for some mischance. He was stopped for questioning by a vigilant policeman, whom he killed in a moment of panic. Arrested and identified, he, despite his training, was so vain as to pose for photographs while triumphantly giving the Communists’ clenched-fist salute; he asked for a noted Communist attorney, who had been a member of the little Communist cell that included the noted traitor, Alger Hiss; and he began to tell contradictory stories. He was accordingly liquidated before he could make a complete confession. There are many other significant data, but I have stated the essentials. They are known to you. The fact that they are known to you should give you—if you are an American—hope and courage. You will need both. Obviously, something went wrong in Dallas—in our favor, this time. The best laid schemes o’ mice and men gang aft a-gley—and so do schemes of Communists, sometimes. The identification of the murderer was a near-miracle. If not the result of divine intervention, it was the result of a series of coincidences of the same order as might enable a bum with a dollar in his pocket to enter a casino in Reno and emerge with a thousand. ...

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