Oliver Revilo Pendleton - The World in false-face

Author : Oliver Revilo Pendleton
Title : The World in false-face
Year : 1986

Link download : Oliver_Revilo_Pendleton_-_The_World_in_false-face.zip

The current issue of "News of the New World" (Honeydew, South Africa) contains an excerpt from the issue of "Special Office Brief" for 20 June 1985. It is a clear statement of an important element in the elaborate swindle that is called "democracy." The ambiguously named "Special Office Brief" is the confidential and extremely expensive report of a private intelligence service that is the successor of Kenneth de Courcy's ill-fated "Intelligence Digest." It is now published in Dublin for security from harassment by the gang of aliens and traitors who presided over the liquidation of the British Empire and are now presiding over the liquidation of Britain itself. The editor, commenting on the function of the persons whom the public in a "democracy" regards as its political "leaders" and thinks it has chosen as Prime Ministers or Presidents, observes that "They are presented to us as actors. A great actor may portray Napoleon on the stage brilliantly without possessing the smallest knowledge of military strategy. He is an actor and we see only the actor. We know nothing of the real person behind the actor. "Today the world's office holders are schooled by professionals, physically made up by experts, and produced on the screen by show business directors. The real person is deliberately concealed both in respect of his or her true physical appearance and as to his or her abilities. "The speeches are written by professionals who themselves have no constitutional responsibility. Few, if any, statesmen now in office are capable of appearing on a public platform without make-up to deliver an explanatory speech about world affairs. Moreover questions and answers for television interviews are (for the most part) pre-arranged. The public never sees or hears the real person and cannot judge what the statesman himself really knows, believes or plans. (Furthermore, in the English House of Commons the true relevance of questions and answers and still more the worth of them is lost amidst a shouting and screaming staged for effect -- rather stupidly. The idea is to give an impression that a minister is caught out or confused.) "Only a handful of people meet in private persons who hold exalted positions. They are not supposed to relate their genuine impressions or if they do are never again invited. Time and time again we learn only long afterwards that such a visitor discovered a Minister to be virtually ga-ga and to be a mere puppet. (It was only years afterwards that we learnt that when still Prime Minister Churchill had little idea where he was or what the conversation was about. We were told only long afterwards whereas one would have thought the British Nation was entitled to know that its Prime Minister was no longer mentally functional.) "It is very tough on Democracy to deprive it of a fair and true picture of the persons who aspire to lead it. One wonders whether it is proper for democracy to be invited to vote for Saatchi & Saatchi's make-up edition of a Minister without being permitted the least glimpse of the Minister as he or she really is. Ought we to be required to vote for the actor of a part rather than the true person? One does wonder. But the true person we now never see or hear. We see a made-up face and dyed hair and we hear a speech written by someone other than the speaker. We see a presentation arranged by show-business experts and rehearsed under tuition with intent to mislead and deceive us. Politics and show business are now inseparable. Perhaps that is why the stage idol we vote for turns out in practice to be a hopeless fool. ...

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