Carto Willis Allison - Populism vs plutocracy

Authors : Carto Willis Allison - Liberty lobby
Title : Populism vs plutocracy The universal struggle
Year : 1982

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PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION. In 1982, for the first time, a serious attempt was made to define American populism with publication of the first edition of this work, originally titled Profiles in Populism. It went through two printings which were duly exhausted and not until now have the publishers addressed the steady demand for a new edition. Since 1982 populism has had a genuine rebirth and this book and the work of Liberty Lobby must take appropriate credit. In 1984 and again in 1986 the Populist Party was reborn; each time finding itself sabotaged from within as populist movements usually are and sputtering out. However, the inability of the populist movement to institutionalize itself with its own party has not by any means snuffed out the philosophy. In fact, the idea of populism is today familiar to every newspaper reader, not to mention every politician. Rare is the office seeker who fails to try to identify himself as a populist and his opponent as a spokesman for special interests. The word is flung around with abandon by candidates, reporters, televised talking heads and pundits as if they know what they are talking about and as if they think that everyone else knows, too. Unfortunately, the truth is that few if any of these assumed experts understand what populism really is. It is the purpose of this book to remedy that ignorance. This work tells of America's lost heritage of freedom, nationalism and populism by portraying leading personalities who played a significant part in our country's history. By focusing on the magnificent heritage they left us, the book points toward the goal that we have to attain unless our country, as George Washington warned, is to "run the course which has hitherto marked the destiny of nations." This certitude-perhaps an unconscious certitude on the part of many-has given the populist ideal increasing prestige and momentum to political dialog in the past 13 years and it will continue to supply that fuel in the future unless and until the ideal of populism either triumphs or is ground out once again; this time by a ruthless international tyranny: anarchy and bloodshed on a scale that will make even the most catastrophic nightmares of Hollywood screenwriters pale. That there is a pall on the serious discussion of populism and the great statesmen of our past (for statesmanship and populism are synonymous) cannot be seriously doubted by anyone, including the plutocratic mattoids and their acolytes who personally profit from the suppression. Let it be the destiny of this book to hammer this conspiracy of silence into millions of pieces-each piece being one person led to discuss the real issues of today's world, and to fearlessly assign responsibility to the criminals and greedy sociopaths who have brought our country and indeed our entire culture to such a low and sad state. This second edition has been substantially increased in length and the number of populist statesmen portrayed has about doubled. Major credit for the writing and putting together the new material goes to Michael Collins Piper, who deserves to be cited as editor as much as I. - W. A. CARTO. Washington, D. C. March 15, 1996. ...

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