Cash J.D. - Deathtrap Oklahoma City

Author : Cash J.D.
Title : Deathtrap Oklahoma City Were innocent victims used as bait in a sting operation gone sour ?
Year : 1997

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For Whom The Bell Tolls. We have produced this vast collection of information concerning the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in order for the American people to get a snapshot of a coverup. We do not seek to defame or slander anyone, nor copyright the allegations contained inside. Instead we seek to take this nation a step closer to the real truth of what happened on "Patriot's Day" 1995 and the resulting coverup. It is a coverup that should have been immediately apparent to all, when the building itself was so quickly demolished before any independent investigation of the crime scene could be performed. Unlike the World Trade Center building or the tunnel where Princess Diana was killed, the Alfred P. Murrah crime scene was not preserved, but was destroyed forever, and in record time. This destruction of crucial evidence came even as the engineer who originally built the building publicly pledged that it could be repaired. But no matter how crucial the evidence from this crime scene was - a crime scene which involved the largest mass murder of civilians in our history - the great powers initially prevailed and the coverup began in earnest with the building's demolition. However great the power behind this coverup may be, the authors strongly believe that the layers of lies will eventually dissolve under pressure being brought on several fronts. While a lazy and dimwitted national media ignored the incredible facts provided by numerous witnesses about what they saw in Oklahoma City the morning of the bombing, now hundreds of family members of those injured and murdered have done their own homework and are presently engaged in litigation against the federal government. Also, at the time of this writing, a citizen's led grand jury is attempting to sort out the facts. And this fall, Terry Nichols will fact the death penalty and may, unlike Timothy McVeigh, decide to point the finger at others in order to save his own hide. Thus, through all this litigation, the power of the subpoena will be employed to flush out the facts and evidence of what really happened that tragic spring morning. Another by-product of these efforts wilt' surely be proof brought to light of a desperate attempt by the Clinton Administration to obscure the truth by destroying or altering evidence and intimidating key witnesses. That's right! Witness tampering, fabricating facts, and withholding exculpatory evidence from the defense counsels for Me Veigh, Nichols, and the panel making up the Oklahoma County Grand Jury. All these shenanigans have become the hallmarks of the federal investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing. And if you don't believe it, just call Stephen Jones, Michael Tigar or Rep. Charles Key and ask them what their firsthand experiences have been. But we believe all this will someday be brought out, and justice, in the end shall prevail. After all, civil and criminal actions for the bombing are appropriate remedies not only for the bloodied victims of this national tragedy, but the American people are due a special compensation, as well. This is necessary because our body politic must see what a despicable and unholy cabal is loose in this nation. And this is a cabal our post-war baby boomers are largely responsible for. That responsibility for this mess rests on us is only fair because we have looked the other way while ignoring the trends to tyranny. Such is the cost of learning history from high school football coaches and the like. Therefore it is not only tyranny in our streets that we must deal with, it now pervades our national leadership and law enforcement bureaucracies, as well. And soon you will see that the two feed off each other! Thus, it is not just the terrorist that seeks to bring down our once great nation, but, sadly, you will learn we must now fear those we elect and pay to protect us from terrorism. Oklahoma City is our wake-up call. This collection of newspaper clippings and court filings is the bell. For whom does it toll? Read on and see! Chuck Harder and J. D. Cash. ...

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